That's me in Bethlehem in 2017, filming for an upcoming documentary on the Palestinian experience.

Hi, I'm Nathan.

I'm a filmmaker currently based in Texas. I bring stories to life and connect people around shared visions.

Film has the ability to drive change on a grand scale. Done well, it can spark ideas, connect the disconnected, and start movements. When I tell stories, I do it with heart, and I try to help those stories sustain a lasting impact.

To date, I've filmed on the ground in a host of foreign countries including the West Bank, Jordan and parts of Europe and the UK. My upcoming film Where is Palestine? explores the experience of Palestinians living in the West Bank and around the world.

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Right now, I'm enjoying life in Texas with my wife and son. Good food, good drinks and good reads are what get me going. If you think you and I would work well together, reach out.