Filming in the West Bank

Thanks to a generous donor, my friend Timothy Palmer received $30,000 in initial funding for a documentary film series I have signed on to film and direct. This leg of the project involves friends and connections on the ground in Frankfurt, Germany; Amman, Jordan; and the West Bank. These are stories of dialogue and resilience, promoting conversation as a pathway to peace, and honoring the fundamental dignity of each person we meet.

Your support gets us across the finish line and helps provide desperately needed funds to aid equipment rental and insurance costs to ensure we're able to capture and produce the stories of those we encounter at the quality of which we're capable, and with the care they deserve.

Thank you.



Our Primary Destinations

Amman, Jordan and the West Bank


What We Need

Our immediate need is $2,500. If 100 people gave just $25 each, the need is met.